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Totem design,silk scarf,painting

Hide and Seek

​The Mysterious Shaman

Totem and silk scarf design by

 Guo Yuanyuan

Influenced by national culture in my childhood ,I embed shamanism elements into scarf design and won the first prize in Youth Talent Contest in 2018.

Shaman believes that "Everything has spirit",shamanism worships the nature.

I used the totem of shaman mask, which is filled with mystique and used in the religious practice . The masks are the living fossil of shamanism, which has long history and rich connotation. In the pattern, five round masks represent the goddess of wealth, the goddess of mashroom, the mother of seven  breasts, the goddess of seven stars, and the mother of smallpox. The other five oval masks resemble five sperm, which combine the central egg. The whole pattern express blessing from five gods, which represents the blooming go lives are borned with wish .

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Other color to choose

​My Painting

​The Imaginary Land

Big Title

Tropical Comics


I created a graffiti in my spare time, which means the  duality of humanity ,which also could be understood as the struggling between the humanity and beast. The surrounding tropical leef brings the picture into a floral environment ,which represent the harmony of human , animal and nature . 

The Aurora of Atlas Silk


I was born in Urumqi, Xinjang. The famous atlas silk well represent ethnic and regional characteristic.The vibrant color, soft texture ,highlight the Uighur people's love and their good will for the future. Aurora, as the phantom gift of the nature, has stunning color and graceful form. Therefore, I can't resist to imagine the fantastic effect of atlas silk flying in the aurora sky. The whole pattern is an abstract expression of the interweaving of the aurora and the atlas silk which resembles the imagination of the historical Silk Road.

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